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What We Do

Brain Lap Gaming Limited is a privately-held global leader in online gaming consultancy.

  Our core team includes industry veterans bringing a half-century of cumulative experience to bear across a range of Management Consultancy, B2B Customer Support and Business Development services.

We develop bespoke business strategies for our partners, which drive their growth, retain and expand their user bases and boost their revenue.

  In addition to offering industry-leading consultancy services, we also directly manage the development of a flagship online gaming product. We’re creating an entirely new online gaming experience, which we believe will disrupt the industry status quo for the better.


Management Consultancy

  Drawing on our combined years of experience in the online gaming industry, we provide expert consultation to online gaming operators, tailoring solutions to match their unique requirements.

  In addition to providing fully-customizable online gaming software and integrated systems, we develop comprehensive business strategies, which include:


Tailored SEO strategies to get brands out there and ranking with the best of them.


Bespoke marketing solutions that resonate with customers and promote engagement.

Affiliate System

A fully-integrated affiliate marketing network service with all the resources needed.

Web Design

Web design and management for your brand to provide a top-end web experience.

Backoffice Solutions

All the info you need, easily accessible and custom-built to meet a brand’s needs.

TVP/BUD funding

Apply for $600,000 Gov. funding to improve productivity, or upgrade business processes.


B2B Customer Support

  We know that each partner is truly unique, requiring a tailored approach to find the direction and strategy that works best for them.


  We design online gaming promotions that are made available to each of our partners. Whether it’s a timely promotion or a permanent offer, we’ve always got something exciting underway. Additionally, partners can create their own custom games and offers on top of a full schedule of network-wide games.​


  New features roll out regularly, many of which are unique to our network. We provide support on how best to use the tools from our feature-rich environment at every step.​


  We tailor our support and strategies to meet each individual partner’s needs but one thing remains constant – your online gaming service will be fun, exciting and the best it can be.


Who We Are


  No matter how busy we are, we always strive to enjoy ourselves while getting the job done. Fun is important to us, both for our players and for ourselves – it’s one of our core values.

  Our most important objective is to deliver exciting products and effective business strategies, which we do as an integrated group, leveraging our wide range of complementary strengths.


Contact Us

香港, 尖沙咀, 山林道23號, 1101

(852) 707-11-704

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Brain Lap Gaming Limited

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